Be there from the beginning. Read The Marquis of Hell, Prequel to The Hunters of Evil Series, free.

Hello, I'm Author Stephanie Colbert

I’m writing the dark fantasy series you’ve been waiting for, Hunters of Evil. If you enjoy reading fast-paced, riveting, heart-stopping stories about creatures that go bump in the night, you’ve come to the right place. Book one, Fire Wolf, will soon be available on Amazon.  

I know you don’t want to wait, I have a gift for you, the prequel to the Series, the free ebook The Marquis of Hell. I wanted the series to be rich with history, so I asked a good friend of mine, Lysette Black to write the prequel. The multi-talented Miss Black not only has a master’s degree in history, but she’s also an exceptional writer. Don’t just take my word for it. Read the excerpt below.

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Explore Your Fears With The Best Dark Fantasy Thriller Series Books

It is not uncommon for humans to get fascinated by the paranormal. Despite the scary dreams and burying under blankets on a slight whoosh of the wind, we are hooked to demon novels and ghost stories. The chilly tales of saving souls from eternal banishment in hell or the haunted house where people have to try staying alive for the night have remained the subject of interest in both the fiction and non-fiction world.

We bring you the perfect dose of fear and curiosity in the best dark fantasy book series so that you get the chance to explore that which cannot be seen or explained. These incredible brain children allow you to test your imagination with possibilities that will leave you stunned.

As much as we get scared, our quest for dark fantasy  series that speeds up our heart rates and makes us keep turning pages, even with trembling hands, never ends. For someone who is not taken over as much by the books as we are, understanding this relationship will be difficult. For the rest brings you dark fantasy thrillers that you can sip away with your coffee, sitting in your comfy chair on weekends.

What makes one love to get scared and yet not give up the dark fantasy series books is knowing deep inside that we are safe and that it is just a story with the ending just in sight. So let your breathing get out of control and your muscles pumped as Stephanie brings you the best dark fantasy books series to make your reading time more interesting and exciting.

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Satiate Your Thirst For Thrill With The Best Dark Fantasy Thriller--Fire Wolf and the upcoming Quest For Kanju

Read about them on the Hunters  of Evil page. 

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Find The Best Dark Fantasy Thriller That Will Freak You Out

Stephanie Colbert is one of the best authors of dark fantasy books. She has penned down a gripping tale that you can buy right now to suppress your thirst for thrill, excitement, and horror. The eccentric characters and amazing story plot and subplots will engross you



September 1908, Leipziger Straße 13, Berlin.

“Someone is coming. Someone scary,” the boy said.

“Big boys don’t fear the dark,” Felix Leinkraum assured his son as he ruffled seven-year-old Josef’s chestnut hair. “You must learn to be brave if you’re going to be one of God’s Warriors.”

Felix extended his hand towards the bedside light.

“Leave the light on, Bitte,” Josef begged.

But Felix darkened the room as the moon slid between the velvet curtains. The gloomy September clouds surrounded it with a halo. The model airplanes on Josef’s desk grew shadows and the walls moved closer. The air turned chilling without the safe circle of the lamplight and made Josef pack the blanket around his shivering body. The omen of a supernatural presence flooded his mind—someone who hadn’t quite assumed his hideous form out of the pitch-black corners.

“The Boogieman isn’t real,” Felix assured him. “Not in the way you think.”

The crow’s feet around Papa’s eyes gave him a stern look, but from his smile, Josef understood that his father meant well. Felix rose and closed the door behind him. The stairs creaked as his steps reached the third-floor study where he would work through the night.

Josef held his breath until a bang startled him as the maids arranged the pots in the kitchen below his bedroom before retreating to their quarters.

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