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Swiss Chalet
Oldest Restaurant in the world Salzburg Austria
Paris Dish
Spanish Beach
Il Duomo, Milano
Matterhorn, Swiss Alps

I am always intoxicated. No drinks, no substance. There is a way to create blissfulness from within.


The story of

Stephanie Colbert

“ They told me to grow roots. Instead, I grew wings.” Louis de Bernières, British Author

Stephanie Colbert is the author of The Chemist: A Psychological Thriller, The Hunter: Will You Be Next? A Twisted Wisdom, Secret of Lost Creek, Conjuror of Evil, the novella Splintered Reality, and Romance Kills, a well-received satire co-authored with Schuyler Pulliam and Rebecka Jäger. She credits her nomadic childhood and the numerous diverse cultures she grew to love for her ability to write in many genres.

She now focuses on writing paranormal fantasy. Book 1 of the Hunters of Evil series, Fire Wolf. Author Michael J. McShane wrote: Stephanie Colbert is one talented writer. I encourage you to read everything she has written. She is simply amazing.

Stephanie and her husband enjoy country living but often visit fun-loving, historic San Antonio, Texas. Her oldest daughter resides in Memphis, Tennessee, and her youngest daughter in Boston, Massachusetts.

Books Published
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A Twisted Wisdom, Secret of Lost Creek, The Chemist: A Psychological Thriller, The Hunter

Romance Kills, co-written with Ashley Pulliam, and Rebecka Jäger.

Conjuror of Evil, co-written with Rebecka Jäger.

Splintered Reality, Novella

Fire Wolf, Book 1 Hunters of Evil Series

Best selling books
Splintered Reality
romance kills
Romance Kills
Secret of lost creek_Book_Ebook_Cover
Secret of Lost Creek

“ They told me to grow roots. Instead, I grew wings.” Louis de Bernières, British Author 


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