Caddo Lake, Texas

It Will Blow Your Mind!

Caddo Lake

Cypress Trees in Algae Covered Water

Hungry Alligator

Abandoned Shack

Caddo Lake, formed by Big Cypress Bayou is a 25,400-acre lake and wetland located on the border between Texas and Louisiana. The largest natural fresh-water lake in the Southern United States, it is home to vast bayous, ponds, canals, and creeks. Few people know how to navigate this dangerous body of water.

Known for its abundance of Cypress trees, many visitors, according to locals, describe Caddo Lake as breathtaking and beautiful. I call it terrifying. Caddo Lake’s water color, dark tea, comes from the Cyprus trees that grow in the water. With their large bulbs at the bottom, fluted trunks, and long, draping gray Spanish moss that covers their limbs, calling them creepy is a vast understatement. They have knees which poke out of the trees’ roots that can be several feet tall. To me, they look like small tree trunks. There are two theories about their purpose. One, they anchor the giant trees, which can grow well over 100 feet tall. The other is that they provide much needed oxygen. With the way they jut up from the water, I call them dangerous. Thick puke green algae covers many areas of the lake’s waters. Let’s not forget the fog that appears what seems like everywhere. In spite of the many stealthy, deadly alligators and the swim at your own risk signs, a lot of idiots take a dip, anyway. Have they never seen alligators, long, sharp teeth just ready to tear its prey apart? This man has: In 2016, an amateur alligator hunter named Jeremy Moore caught and killed a 13-foot alligator that had been threatening him and his kids.

The shores of Caddo Lake are so ethereal and uncharted, so un-touristy that it seems like the perfect spot for a Bigfoot to remain undiscovered. There are 12 million acres of forestland in East Texas and Caddo Lake itself is known to cryptozoologists as the land of Bigfoot. Jefferson, therefore, is a logical headquarters for the Texas Bigfoot Research Center. There’s even a Bigfoot statue prowling at a trail entrance near Jefferson’s Convention and Visitors Center.

 Tarantulas and Black Widow Spiders are everywhere just waiting for you. In case you didn’t know, black widow bites can be fatal. Snakes, especially cottonmouths, lurk in the waters and near the water’s edge. They’re bites can be lethal. There are many species of birds there, most are colorful and gorgeous. But let’s not forget the disgusting vultures seeking the dead to eat. For younger folks, how about the scariest Halloween ever? Perched on stilts are ramshackle shacks crawling with critters, waiting to collapse into the primordial soup. Just knock on the door, wait–there is no door, or anything solid, and if you’re bold, you’ll hang around long enough to see who or what answers. Guaranteed to have you running to mommy. Chomp!

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