Fire Wolf

The Fantasy Series You've Been
Waiting For!

As a thrilling dark fantasy novel that draws on real-life demonology from the 1500s, the first book in the Hunters of Evil series is an action-packed supernatural thrill ride (that’s perfect for fans of authors including (D.N. Erikson.)

Coming 2022

Rayne faces her greatest challenge when Liam disappears. Her only hope is to find a ledgendary hunter who doesn’t want to be found.

She has one shot to kill a demon lord ... But it could cost her life!

Clandestine hunters Rayne Parker and her partner Liam are experts at killing the supernatural. But when they’re tasked with taking down the infamous demon Marchosias, the Marquis of Hell, the pair must travel back in time to the moment when he’s at his weakest. There’s only one catch: when they arrive, they’ll both lose their memories.

With no other choice, Rayne and Liam are catapulted into 1990s America, where they have one chance to kill the demon lord before it’s too late. Dragged into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with life-threatening consequences, Rayne and Liam must unravel the sinister secrets behind Marchosias and discover how they can destroy him.

But killing the Marquis of Hell is no easy task – and it comes at a terrible price. Rayne finds her fate inseparably linked to the demon lord… and if she destroys him, it could end up costing her life.

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